Snapshot of Tracking Orders

Using a Google Sheets, I tracked my orders through writing them down and their cost. By tracking orders, I was able to easily stay organized, and never miss an order. Under the date section, I wrote the date the order needed to be delivered by. To the right, I wrote the name and the basic item ordered to the right of the name. From there, I wrote any super specific notes that I could've forgotten. Not every order needed notes as some were more simple than others. Finally, I wrote the price on the far write to help me keep track of how much I charged. Below is a snap shot of my order list from my first few months being open. 


To order from Bake Me Away, customers would direct message my baking account on Instagram. If they were a family friend and had my personal number, then they would just text me. From there, I would find out what the customer was interested in ordering and any specific details I needed. Then, I would instruct them about payment options.


When I finalized the pricing for my baked goods, I allocated 70% towards donations and 30% towards ingredients and supplies.  I ordered packaging using 30% of the profits from our local restaurant supply store. I could then easily and safely pack all of the baked goods. To the right is two dozen "Happy Birthday" cupcakes.


Initially, my mom would help me hand deliver the orders on the delivery date. When I got my drivers license, I delivered them myself, individually thanking each customer for their business.